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ctc in vietnam : laboratory testing, audits and inspections for footwear, leather goods, textile and fashion leather-乐橙app下载-乐橙lc8-乐橙pc客户端

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vietnam is the fastest growing country in 2017 among all south east asia development area. for specific shoes production in vietnam, in 2017 the industry rose by 83.4m pairs or 7.1%. in 2017 vietnam produced 1.185 billion pairs of shoes (a share of 5.2% in worldwide production), taking the third position as the largest footwear producing country. in 2017 vietnam was also the second largest exporter of footwear with a 7.4% share (1.021 billion pairs). ctc vietnam has fully benefited from this growing economic environment. our team & expertise have developed from year 2000 & today.

ctc vietnam is your south east asia area quality plateform for all your quality need : audit, qa, , chemical laboratory and physical testing, expertise & consulting. 

vietnam’s government and associations are still focused on developing an environment where materials and components can be sourced locally


so ctc continues its effort in supporting manufacturers & develop full capacity / laboratory integrating:

  • int’l testing capacity & laboratory environment for vender & local suppliers
  • specific order traceability program
  • quality assurance program & production coaching
  • consultancy
  • inspection of final products, during and at the end of production
  • technical audit
  • social audit
  • professional training


ctc provides consultancy & quality assurance programs for your product ranges and types:

  • sport articles (footwear, textile, backpack and accessories)
  • consumer goods, from mass market to luxury products (footwear, leather goods, leather materials, luggage, gloves)
  • luxuary articles (footwear and gloves).


for vietnam, we are located in :

  • ho chi minh: our « regional laboratory hub » base. in direct connection with most important buying offices and economic actors of vietnam fashion industry.
  • haiphong: which is the major development area for footwear & leather good industry since the past 5 years which also covers specific industrial zone around hanoi.
  • danang: the newest location in center vietnam to best cover all vietnam’s geographical zones and to follow new industrial needs specifically supporting quality of fabrics and textile products.

we are an historic partner of the french industries in vietnam and ctc brand is now a vietnamese & south east asia label of quality, integrity, and expertise.


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skills and expertise for footwear, leather goods and fashion

with continuous growth and structuration of the footwear & fashion industries in vietnam, ctc is now looking into more tools to support the quality needs of the vietnamese industries. 

laboratory testing : physical and chemical

with accredited laboratories, ctc proposes a matrix of tests and analysis to assist its clients in improving quality.


ctc in vietnam, physical and chemical testing, audit and inspection


physical testing:

  • according to various international and european standards (iso, en, din, bs, nf) and us standards (astm, aatcc, ansi, us cpsc)
  • with technical assistance and customized services to make sure that you carry out the right test for the right product and the right market.

chemical testing
ctc participates in various working groups, technical committees and round-robin test sessions to define international standards. ctc assists you to make sure that you implement the right range of chemical analysis to ensure products are safe and harmless when in contact with a person’s body/skin: restricted substances list, proposition 65, reach…


gloves ppe testing

ctc in vietnam offers comprehensive ppe testing programs. ctc gives its clients close and easy access to testing facilities which correspond to european market and quality standards.



the first need of a company is to be organized in an efficient way in order to ensure quality …  our vietnamese team also provides dedicated inspection and auditing services to help our clients manage and secure their sourcing needs.

factory audits:

auditing the organization, manufacturing process, industrial tooling, compliance and product safety.

social audits: 

auditing of factory compliance with labour regulations and 
"codes of good practice" according to international standards sa 8000.

laboratory audits: 

to check or develop the capacity of your internal laboratory or your suppliers’ laboratories with a lab specialist as a third party, we will define or check the organization of the laboratory, improve standards, train staff, calibrate machines and certify the laboratory using pragmatic, systematic and accurate procedures.



ctc has been an inspection centre in vietnam for more than 15 years in the fields of textile, footwear, luggage and leather goods. we provide inspections and product assessments based on the item's final use and according to the level of quality of the products.

in-line inspection: 

this is the best timing to check quality. ctc aims to improve the production process and to advise the factory on making the necessary enhancements before production is completed.

pre-shipment inspections:

we check the quality of the products before they leave the factory.

final and random inspections: 

we check the quality of the products and packaging just before they leave the factory or the shipment platform. 


expertise and capacity for footwear, leather goods and fashion

one of the main keys to success of ctc is to be able to constantly adapt its methods and missions to the evolution of the techniques and to the markets.
our target is to be able to answer your needs and to offer to your production in vietnam a better and local support which will come from more expertise and capacity provided by ctc.  as our lab is located in ho chi minh city, you will get better reactivity and opportunity for a faster and smoother communication. 

as a footwear, textile, leather, and leather goods expert, ctc has coached and assisted suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the improvement of their quality for more than 100 years. ctc expertise is constantly renewed thanks to its business intelligence and continuous programs of research and development..


our vietnamese clients

ctc vietnam will advise and coach quality from the biggest to small and medium companies :

  • tanneries,
  • footwear factories,
  • leather goods distributors,
  • safety products companies,
  • fashion and luxury houses,
  • european and international professional organizations,
  • colleges and universities.

each customer remains unique. our experience helps to cover the needs and the requirements of the vietnamese industries. all ctc technical resources meet and will continue to meet our vietnamese clients’ targets of efficiency, quality, safety and reactivity.


our pledges in vietnam


  • all ctc services in vietnam are up to international standards.
  • ctc vietnam laboratory based in ho chi minh as per all ctc international laboratories comply with all criteria of the standard iso 17 025 as well as the international quality requirements set per ctc groupe.
  • ctc is a notified body under # 0075 recognized by eu to deliver ce type-examination certificates for ppe(personal protective equipment), footwear, boots and gloves .
  • our training center is accredited for continuous education

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