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the ctc documentation centre is a resource centre specialised in the domains of leather, footwear and leather goods. it also includes a leather library displaying the diversity of french production. come and explore!' 
thierry voisin, director of economic intelligence

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 documentation and publications

the ctc documentation centre is specialised in the scientific and technical aspects of leather, footwear and leather goods. a collection of over 4,000 works, completed since the 1960s, allows for research on previous footwear and leather goods models, designers and brands. statistics, market studies, standards, patents and conference proceedings are also available.


 the ctc leather library

the leather library contains almost 100 leathers, for the most part whole. they are grouped into six families: cow hide, calfskin, vegetable tanned calf leather, goatskin, kidskin, and lambskin, exotic leathers (crocodile, ostrich, python and shagreen) and 'novelties' (salmon, frog, or even beaver's tail).

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