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'with over 250 different tests, ctc has exceptional means of analysis to evaluate the performance of raw materials, components and finished products for the fashion, luxury goods, sport and personal protective equipment sectors.' jean-luc chaverot phd, international director

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physical testing martindale ppe gloves testing

testing products (footwear & shoe, garment, leather goods, textile…) for all standards countries

a global eye for quality assurance solutions

ctc expertise provides physical, biomechanical, chemical testing and field trial evaluations. we offers a matrix of services to assure and quantify the quality of our clients products. located in strategic sourcing areas, ctc accredited laboratories meet all your testing needs according to various standards:


international & european standards

  • international organization for standardization (iso)
  • european standard (cen)
  • french national standard (nf), german national standard (din)…


usa standards

  • american society for testing and materials (astm)
  • american association of textile chemists and colorists (aatcc)
  • american national standard institute (ansi)
  • u.s. consumer product safety commission (us cpsc)
  • u.s. federal trade commission (us ftc)


 evaluate the performance, safety and quality of your products (footwear, leather, textile...)

the ctc testing laboratories provide you with pertinent information on the characteristics of materials and finished products resulting from your production or sourcing processes.

whether it be for clothing, footwear, leather goods or gloves, ctc will guide you through the range of tests to develop specifications adapted to your specific product, from production through to marketing, in order to provide your customer with optimum value for money.


physical testing for footwear & shoe, leather, textile, fashion, sport garment…

ctc offers an exhaustive range of testing:

  • physical testing on footwear & products to evaluate performance, comfort, safety and quality characteristics (slip resistance, abrasion, breathability, flexion, heel impact, …).
  • biomechanical testing on footwear & products to define the interactions between the user and the finished product (internal pressure, biomechanical platform, cushioning, …).
  • chemical testing on leather & products to ensure the safety of materials when in contact with human body (cr vi, azodyes, formaldehydes, ph, pcp, allergens, …).


physical testing shoe

physical test on shoe



field trials to ensure good fit and feel in real performance situations.


on raw materials

  • upper materials (leather, textiles, synthetics, …)
  • sole materials (leather, rubber, pvc, pu, …)
  • other materials (glues, zippers, velcro, eyelets, laces, …)


on finished products

  • footwear (fashion, sports, safety, children, leisure, …)
  • leather goods (handbags, luggage, belts, purses, …)
  • gloves (fashion, safety, sports, …)
  • other products (balls, shin guards, waterproofing, …)


ctc assures

technical assistance and customized services to allow your company to make fast and key decisions.

fast and controlled turnaround from 1 to 5 days

a global network of experts and consultants supported by our r&d centre.

accredited laboratories located world-wide


physical testing accredited cofrac biomechanical testing footwear testing



 specialist biomechanical and physical laboratories

ctc physical laboratories, accredited according to the iso 17 025 standard, are dedicated to clothes and accessories for fashion, luxury goods, sport items and personal protective equipment. they are ideally located in the major manufacturing areas in europe, china, india, vietnam, tunisia, etc.


biomechanic testing

biomechanical testing


our laboratory testing services

  • physical testing for products
  • > component testing
  • > biomechanical testing


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