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2021: ctc at your side
all our teams send you their best whishes
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impact of brexit on ppe
brexit will have an impact on trade in personal protective equipment. here we summarize the information we have collected so far.
posted in ppe on 2020-12-22 by ctc
ctc international spring 2020
since 1899, ctc has been supporting you in leather goods, shoes, gloves and clothing. we are your quality control and sustainable development partner for these products. in order to meet the needs of your customers, regulatory changes, societal, environmental changes, etc., the responsiveness and robustness of your supply chain and the marketing of products are key points. the rise in...
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ppe gloves standard : the new en407:2020
ppe gloves standard : the new en407:2020 has been published by cen and became a applicable in all european union in april 2020 and supersedes en407:2004. however, a transition period of 12 months has been agreed where the 2 standards can be used. at the present time, from a legal point of view, only en407:2004 is giving presumption of conformity to the regulation 2016/425.
posted in ppe on 2020-08-26 by ctc
webinar : 33 cmr : the new reach regulation
the european commission published on october 10, 2018 the regulation (eu) 2018/1513 amending annex xvii to the reach regulation by creating entry 72 which restricts 33 cmr substances - carcinogens, mutagens and toxic for reproduction in clothing, textiles and footwear.
posted in innocuousness on 2020-07-03 by ctc
webinar : laboratory approved program : 8 july 2020 - 10 a.m (paris time) / 4 p.m (beijing time)
gain buyer trust : showing your capacity to secure your product quality
posted in on 2020-06-19 by ctc
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business continuity ctc - covid-19
in lyon, on march 16, 2020, ctc has implemented a series of protocols which help to limit the spread of covid-19. these measures consist mainly of reducing physical contact between people.
posted in news on 2020-03-17 by ctc
eu reach 鈥?svhc candidate list update / svhc
echa has added four new substances to candidate list on 16th january, 2020; the candidate list of substances of very high concern (svhcs) for authorisation now contains 205 substances.
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your quality partner in vietnam
vietnam is the fastest growing country in 2017 among all south east asia development area. for specific shoes production in vietnam, in 2017 the industry rose by 83.4m pairs or 7.1%. in 2017 vietnam produced 1.185 billion pairs of shoes (a share of 5.2% in worldwide production), taking the third position as the largest footwear producing country. in 2017 vietnam was also the second largest...
posted in news on 2019-09-10 by ctc
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