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webinar : laboratory approved program : 8 july 2020 -乐橙app下载-乐橙lc8-乐橙pc客户端

posted in on 2020-06-19 by ctc
gain buyer trust : showing your capacity to secure your product quality

you have invested in tools and equipments to test your production. you shall benefit from this investment and promote your level of excellence.
ctc laboratory approved program demonstrate your organization is securing "objective" auto-evaluation of your product quality.
ctc  international label for laboratories is recognized per international actors and it is one of the most supportive tool to demonstrate that your factory is one of the best to place orders!

english speaking session : 10 a.m (paris time) / 4 p.m (beijing time)

laboratory approved 2020

webinar : laboratory approved program

webinar free of charge,

one day : 8 of july 2020

sessions of 45 minutes (registration for english or chinese speaking session),


first : 1st : 9 a.m (paris time) / 3 p.m (beijing time) - chinese speaking session registration on this link


second session : 10 a.m (paris time) / 4 p.m (beijing time) - english speaking session


contact : 

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