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webinar : 33 cmr : the new reach regulation-乐橙app下载-乐橙lc8-乐橙pc客户端

posted in innocuousness on 2020-07-03 by ctc
the european commission published on october 10, 2018 the regulation (eu) 2018/1513 amending annex xvii to the reach regulation by creating entry 72 which restricts 33 cmr substances - carcinogens, mutagens and toxic for reproduction in clothing, textiles and footwear.

webinar : 33 cmr : the new reach regulation

webinar free of charge

one day : 16 of july 2020

sessions of 45 minutes

our expert will be introducing the scope of the regulation, the 33 substances and their maximum allowable limits which will be in effect from 1 november 2020. how to deal with these additional requirements in quality management and where they may be found will be also discussed on this webinar.

9.30 a.m (paris time) / 3.30 p.m (beijing time)



laboratory approved 2020


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