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laboratory audit, factory, social compliance & environmental audits-乐橙app下载-乐橙lc8-乐橙pc客户端

 place your audits in the hands of trade experts!

ctc auditors are not only audit professionals, but also industrial experts in the fashion, luxury goods and sport sectors. they understand manufacturing processes and know better than anyone the issues and risks that are part and parcel of manufacturing activities.

our auditors are all familiar with the machines, know-how, processes and best professional practices associated with each trade.


 improve your process and secure your sourcing

our audits form an analysis designed to help manufacturing companies improve various aspects of the production process, whether for their own interest or to meet the requirements of their customers.


laboratory audit

our auditing services

  • laboratory, social and factory audit by ctc
  • footwear factory audit
  • > leather goods or glove factory audit
  • > social and environmental audit (combined)
  • > ppe audit


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